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Airpulse® Active Speakers Limited Warranty – For USA and Canada Only

The limited warranty set forth below is offered by Edifier Enterprises Inc. (Edifier North America) in the United States and Canada with respect to Airpulse brand active speaker systems. This warranty is valid only when purchased from an authorized retailer in the United States or Canada and used in either of those two countries.

Your Airpulse active speakers, when delivered to you brand new in their original packaging, are covered against defects in materials or workmanship for the following time periods: for two (2) years following the original date of purchase. This covers defective parts or speakers returned to Edifier North America, or an authorized service provider. Once inspected to verify the defects, they will be repaired using new or comparable refurbished parts. If repairs are not possible, they will be exchanged for a refurbished Airpulse speaker, as determined by Edifier North America or its authorized service provider.

This warranty is exclusive to Airpulse active speaker systems for home use. Any other warranties, either expressed or implied by other parties, are invalid. Neither Airpulse, nor any authorized Airpulse reseller, is responsible for any incidental damages incurred during usage. Airpulse’s obligation under this warranty does not extend to any defects, or malfunctions that are the result of misuse, abuse, improper installation, use with faulty or damaged equipment, or the use of the speaker systems with any equipment for which they were not intended. This warranty does not cover injuries, loss of profit, and any other losses resulting from the sale, installation or use of our products.

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